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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio

Special Edition

March 21, 2019


Dear Presbyters,


It’s my pleasure to reach out to you on behalf of the elected officers of our Presbytery to share an update on our current transitions. I hope you will not hesitate to reach out and share any thoughts or questions you may have; I will respond as helpfully as I can.

First of all, let me share some words of thanks. I am especially grateful to Lisa Allgood and Erwin Goedicke for stepping up and offering their gifts as our Acting General Presbyter and Interim Stated Clerk. They are the perfect people for our current needs and we are blessed that they have answered the call. I am also grateful to the officers of our Presbytery (the signers of this letter, below), who are stepping up in all kinds of ways to assure a smooth and healthy transition in the days ahead. Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful to each of you. It is not an easy thing for us to experience another transition in leadership so soon, but there are great signs of life and health among the leaders in our Presbytery. Looking back and looking forward, I am thankful to you for your faithful ministry, and for your trust and encouragement of our Presbytery leadership in these days.


The resignation of our General Presbyter, Nancy Kahaian, came as a surprise to everyone, myself included; there was no small group who had advanced notice of this or knew the details. As in all ministry contexts, we honor Rev. Kahaian’s sense of call and wish her well as she follows where God is leading her. At the same time, we all wish we had a bit more notice and time to prepare for her departure and the transitional period upon us now. The Personnel Committee, along with Council Chair Bob Young, COM Chair Jim Goff, and myself, participated in an exit interview with Rev. Kahaian. We feel that we have a good sense of the current challenges facing our Presbytery, as Rev. Kahaian understood them, and we hope to enter a healthy interim period that will find our next General Presbyter in a healthy situation, ready for success.


We look forward to a transition that is transparent and well-communicated in a way we know has been lacking these past few months. The Personnel Committee is hard at work interviewing candidates for our Interim General Presbyter position, and they welcome your help. The position is posted on the Presbytery of Cincinnati website, where you may view it and share it with anyone you know who may be interested. You are also invited to send questions or recommendations to the committee via Stated Clerk Melana Scruggs ( We hope to introduce our Interim General Presbyter as early as the May meeting of the Presbytery. Members of the Presbytery Council will hire this person, similar to the process when a Session hires an Interim Pastor in a congregation. Once our Interim General Presbyter is in place, we will begin the work of preparing a renewed position description and search process for our next General Presbyter.

In these days, we are blessed to have each other. I am grateful for the many gifts and great enthusiasm of leaders in the Presbytery of Cincinnati, and I am eager to see where God is leading us in the days ahead. Please keep all of us in your prayers.


In Christ,


Adam Fronczek, Moderator (on behalf of the Presbytery officers and staff)

Lisa Allgood, Acting General Presbyter

Bill Bogdan, Vice Moderator

Bill Maney, Treasurer

Erwin Goedicke, Interim Stated Clerk

Jim Goff, Chair of COM

Rob Heidenreich, President of Trustees

Joshua Long, Chair of Personnel

Bob Northcutt, Chair of Nominating

Bob Young, Chair of Council





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