Presbytery of Cincinnati

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio

EAIT - Evaluate and Imagine Team


as needed and determined by group


to evaluate and assess our current operational ministry and mission processes, policies and procedures as a presbytery, review our current bylaws, access pertinent qualitative (narrative) and quantitative (statistics) data and other relevant information. The goal of this work is to gain clarity on the purpose and mission of the Presbytery of Cincinnati. The “Evaluate and Imagine Team” will engage the presbytery in this season of discernment, make regular reports, and a concluding report and recommendation for a unifying purpose and mission for the Presbytery of Cincinnati.


The EAIT will take a faithful, strategic, aligned and integrated approach to connecting the services and resources of the presbytery for its congregations as we serve God’s purpose.



eight members


Staff consultant Nancy Kahaian


EAIT Why am I Presbyterian? video, November 2017 Presbytery Meeting


Lisa Allgood

Bill Bogdan

Bobbie Bella

Jim Goff

Patricia Martin

Jill Moorman

Tyler Pettigrew

Bob Young

RE - Covenant-First

RE - Mt. Auburn

TE - Pleasant Run

TE - Williamsburg

RE - Winton Hills

RE - Knox

TE - West Chester

RE - Blue Ash


established and elected by presbytery February 25, 2017


Presbytery of Cincinnati, 1323 Myrtle Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

phone: 513-221-4850   fax: 513-221-6601

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