Presbytery of Cincinnati

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio

Nominating Committee


fourth Monday of even months, at the presbytery office, as needed



to present to Presbytery a nominee for election to each vacancy in offices, committees, and other bodies to be elected by Presbytery, except itself, for which nominating is done by Presbytery Council


Chair TBD

Staff Resource Nancy Kahaian


Class of 2018

Frank Martin

Chris Torrey


Class of 2019

Barbara Jean Havens

Lisa Stenner


Class 2020

Bob Northcutt

Jana Reister


R - Winton Hills




R - Christ

T - Union



R - Beecher

T- Knox



Presbytery of Cincinnati, 1323 Myrtle Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

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