Presbytery of Cincinnati

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio

Presbytery Council



 for 2018: April 18, June 20, August 15, October 17, and December 12.

Note: Local Mission Grants are due to Council Chair one week in advance of Council Meeting.



to coordinate Presbytery's mission and program and to provide for the regular review of the functional relationship between Presbytery's structure and its mission. Council nominates a person to fill each vacancy on the Nominating Committee. For 2018, the entire Council has been appointed to serve as the Local Missions Partnership Grant Committee.




with voice and vote

Chair of Presbytery Council

Presbytery Moderator

Presbytery Vice Moderator

Presbytery Treasurer


Board of Trustees


Personnel Committee


Class of 2018





Class of 2019





Class of 2020





with voice

General Presbyter

Stated Clerk


Lisa Stenner

Bob Young

Adam Fronczek

Couper Gardener


Rob Heidenreich or


rep chosen by committee


Joellen Grady

Frank Martin

Maurice Mitchell

Nancy Ross-Zimmerman


Carol Burnett

Adam Fronczek

John Martin

Tyler Pettigrew


Carol Ferguson

Bill Bogdan

Russell Smith

Bob Northcutt





Nancy Kahaian



T - Union

R - Blue Ash

T - Knox

R - Knox


R - Covenant-First




R - Carmel

R - Winton Hills

T - Hillsboro First

T - Northminster


R - Sycamore

T - Knox

R - Sardinia

T - West Chester


T - Crescent Springs

R - Mt. Auburn

T - Covenant First

R - Aurora





T - validated min


Mission Teams

established by presbytery, appointed by Council

established & appointed by Council


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