Presbytery of Cincinnati

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio

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Janis Alling Adams (stated clerk, Presbytery of Cincinnati)

Chelsea Nuss

513-221-4850 ext 2

Administrative Assistant


Genita Heidenreich

513-221-4850 ext 3

Financial Assistant


The Rev Dr Nancy Kahaian

513-221-4850 ext 5

General Presbyter (five-year term, eligible for re-election)


Elder Janis Alling Adams

513-221-4850 ext 4

Stated Clerk (three-year term, eligible for re-election)



Presbytery of Cincinnati, 1323 Myrtle Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

phone: 513-221-4850   fax: 513-221-6601

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