• Our History
    I began to realize that the history I learned was incomplete, and in fact, inaccurate at best. It is a history that excludes or minimizes or marginalizes the story of African Americans. I now understand that some of this censoring was – and still is – deliberate, the result of an ideology of White Supremacy.
  • Dreams of Spring . . .
    I need to remember to focus my gaze beyond the bleakness of now and watch with intention for breaks in the ground and buds on the trees.
  • On Faithfulness and Sustainability: what’s the right focus?
    On Faithfulness and Sustainability: what’s the right focus? by Rev. Dr. Chip Hardwick, Interim Executive,  Synod of the Covenant At their best, do local congregations focus on making sure that they exist into the future? Or do they invest instead in fidelity to the gospel of Jesus Christ? How do sustainability and faithfulness work together? […]
  • The Second Gaze – Zoom In
    The Second Gaze – Zoom In by Rev. Dr. Ed Goode, Pastor Fort Thomas UCC (and accomplished photographer) This is one of those places where I see the intersection between photography and the spiritual life.  I have several different lenses for my main camera – two of them are zoom lenses and two are prime lenses.  […]
  • Intergenerational Ministries: Why Inter-generational?
    To me intergenerational ministry is about valuing everyone at the exclusion of no one. It is about thinking through everyone’s needs, wants, and desires. It is about thinking how every single person in the community is loved and cherished by God. It is about how we create experiences whereby we can feel that love together.
  • What Does “Operational Continuity” Mean for the Church?
    What does “operational continuity” mean for the church? Continuing Sunday worship, the way it always was? Or a bigger God-sized horizon in front of you? How can you take what you’ve learned about connectivity, technology, virtual, innovation, ways of defining membership – forward?
  • The Second Gaze – Hot Drinks
    This photo is a part of my morning ritual – making coffee for my awesome wife. She says I make it out of self-defense but I do it because it is a tangible way of saying, “I love you”, every morning when she gets up. It is an act of serving her.
  • “State of the Presbytery”
    Membership statistics for the years 2018-2019