Matthew 25

Matthew 25:31–46 calls all of us to actively engage in the world around us, so our faith comes alive and we wake up to new possibilities

Statement on Racial Justice

Presbytery of Cincinnati Council


The Presbytery of Cincinnati values the pursuit of racial equity and justice as both part of our Christian calling expressed through the scriptures and part of our commitment to the Matthew 25 priorities of the PC (USA). We fervently pray and diligently work for a church where the diverse members of God’s human creation each have a full share of respect, dignity, resources, and power.


Our work in this area is grounded in three goals:

  • Assist congregations to move along the continuum of becoming anti-racist, multicultural congregations.
  • Create learning opportunities to move the needle on racial equity, within and across the Presbytery, supporting and executing the PC (USA) Matthew 25 principles in dismantling structural racism, and for study and action in confronting systemic racism.
  • Provides interaction and supports the diversity of faith traditions throughout the Presbytery.


The Presbytery of Cincinnati joins ecumenically in the Greater Cincinnati area to serve as a significant force across the region, working towards racial justice and dismantling structural racism.


About The Matthew 25 Logo

The circular shape represents unity and equality. Like God, a circle has no beginning and no end, and it symbolizes our continuing effort to help one another. The shape also suggests a globe that points to our engagement with the world.

The three interlocking figures represent the equality of all people without gender or race bias. They have their arms around each other, symbolizing friendship, protection and service. The number three suggests the three focus areas of congregational vitality, structural racism and systemic poverty, as well as the Trinity.

The color palette is bright, lively, friendly and energetic — suggestive of our active commitment.

Finally, the legend “Matthew 25” below the symbol is the literal identification of the mark. We use a handwritten font to make the point that active engagement in the world requires human effort.

Matthew 25 PC(USA)