One Hopeful Fund (OHF)

incubates, supports, and amplifies the missional reach and relevance of the churches of the Presbytery of Cincinnati


  • Part of the Presbytery budget funded by the shared mission giving of our congregations.
  • Restricted funds to support the mission and ministry passions of our congregations and individual members who apply for them. In this way, the congregations partner and collaborate to support missional activities work that are established and growing, as well as innovative mission work in the areas of evangelism, justice, and poverty.


    1. Congregation – host an event
    2. Individual (or groups) – attend an event

    Applications for both are reviewed by a small team. Applications for funding over $5000 must be approved by Council.


    Awards more than $90,000 annually to support:

    • youth ministries,
    • adult ministries,
    • urban ministries,
    • food and non-food pantries,
    • mission trips
    • educational events.

    Mission Pledge Commitment Form