August 2021 Presbytery Gathering

Morning Session 9:00am to 12:00pm – Presbytery Gathering

Lunch provided for ALL in attendance for the morning session – 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Afternoon Session 1:00pm to 4:00pm – Workshops (descriptions below)

Masks are Mandatory!

Registration follows workshop descriptions

Workshops are Open to Everyone! Invite Others from Your Congregation! Invite Family, Friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ! All Welcome!

Dr. David Kresta
Dr. David Kresta

Following Jesus Down Main Street – Good News through Community Economic Development

A. 1-2:30PM

Imagine walking with Jesus down your community’s Main Street. Would you weep together as you jump over the cracks chiseled by the invisible hand of the market? Jesus is calling us to reimagine local economies! Discover how churches are taking holistic Community Economic Development (CED) principles to heart, collaborating with their community to provide workforce development, business incubation, accountable development interventions, and more. Learn about the importance of “decentering” your church by investing in a CED ecosystem, building capacity for long-term equitable economic growth, catalyzing a movement of business and job creation that does not leave anybody behind. Come away with tools and inspiration to walk with Jesus on Main Street.

Dr. David Kresta
Dr. David Kresta

Reimagining Religious Spaces – Serving God and Community with Buildings and Property

B. 2:30-4PM

God has blessed churches with some of the most valuable assets in their communities, with more and more leaders asking how their buildings and property can be used to the fullest potential in serving God and community. During this workshop you’ll hear what the latest research reveals about approaches to reimagining religious spaces (RRS) and engage with your colleagues on the challenges and opportunities you may face on this journey. Through an interactive process you will begin to articulate why your church should consider RRS, establish potential objectives, dream a bit, and identify potential next steps. 

Rev. Rick Warm
Dr. Rick Warm

In Search of Wisdom

Pastors and Preachers Only

C. 1-3PM

When we see the way the world is going, sometimes we can do nothing but shake our heads in disbelief. If there is anything missing today, certainly wisdom would top the list. Why is it missing? Can it even be attained? Will wisdom really solve anything? What is wisdom and does it have any impact on our work and in our personal lives? In this workshop we will begin a journey to contemplate the place of wisdom in our lives. We will attempt to understand what wisdom is and look at it from the perspective of a calling – what is the world asking of us? What does our work ask of us? And how can this be a path towards spiritual renewal, both for us and for our communities?


Introducing NORTHSTAR

D. 1-2:30PM

An REMJF-sponsored study and conversation series. The intention of North Star is to increase personal connections by building emotional and spiritual bonds. It will help us realize that, while some of our experiences may be different, we all have needs and goals in common, as we are Imago Dei – all made in the image of our God. That is how change in our hearts and society occurs.


The REMJF World Café

E. 2:30-4PM

Join us for a review of the three foci of Matthew 25: Building Congregational Vitality, Dismantling Structural Racism, and Eradicating Systemic Poverty. Share within the group the areas your congregation is addressing, partnerships, successes and challenges, and how you need the Presbytery to assist you.

Masks Are Mandatory! 

We will provide colored dots for your name tags to identify your comfort with distancing:

  • GREEN means hugs welcome
  • YELLOW means you are OK to come closer but not touch
  • RED means please distance

The morning meeting will be live streamed for those who are uncomfortable attending in person. Workshops will not be livestreamed.

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