Pulpit Supply

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Prompt payment for pulpit supply is always appreciated. Please pay on the day of the service and include remuneration and mileage reimbursement.


Payment to someone who travels more than 10 miles round-trip must include mileage reimbursement at the maximum rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. As of January 1, 2023 the rate increases to $.655 per mile.

Suggested Remuneration:

  • $100 for single morning, vesper, evening or midweek service.
  • $50 for each additional service (yoked churches divide total evenly)
  • $50 for moderating any session meeting
  • $50 for moderating any congregational meeting

The amount listed is the minimum remuneration. Where more than the presbytery minimum terms of call is paid to the pastor, the amount paid for pulpit supply should be adjusted accordingly.


The Committee on Ministry recognizes that when worship services are cancelled on fairly short notice, those in pulpit supply positions may already have expended considerable time in sermon preparation. It is suggested that congregations be aware of the work already accomplished in these cases and be prepared to offer compensation. The COM further suggests that at least 50% of the normal payment be offered. No travel costs would be incurred.

Pulpit Supply List

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Last NameFirst NamePhone #
AbendCRE Vicki513-479-1257
Anderson (HR)The Rev. Bob412-926-5106
Angi (HR)The Rev. Kathy513-807-8866
Batchelder(TR)Rev. David972-849-1090; dbatch33@gmail.com
Brazell (HR)The Rev. Jim513-376-3603; revjeb81@gmail.com
Brewer (HR)The Rev. Mike513-427-6450
BrownElder Patricia513-505-3516
CaineThe Rev. Monnie931-639-2032; monnieacaine@gmail.com
ChoateThe Rev. David A.937-581-7414; Rvdac@yahoo.com
Dalton (HR)The Rev. Yvette513-257-6750
Daniels (HR)The Rev. Kathleen859-360-2506; 301-461-7008
DiEgidio (HR)The Rev. Jim513-446-8065
DoebereinerElder Beth513-675-4295; doebereiner@fuse.net
FrenzDr. Terren I.513-305-8531
EisenlohrThe Rev. Teresa412-818-2333
Graham (HR)The Rev. James513-535-3830
HoldenThe Rev. Trent740-701-9583; trentkayne@gmail.com
Jones (HR)The Rev. Will859-823-4221
League (HR)The Rev. Robert513-724-3132
LewisElder Suzie513-379-6478
MartinElder John937-446-2174
McKinneyElder Jeff740-710-1869 (Knox)
Mitchell (HR)The Rev. Maurice937-509-7229
Myser (HR)The Rev. Chuck859-384-1655
Olson (HR)The Rev. Rick513-430-9613
PierceElder D. Marie513-304-4399
Pinkowski (HR)The Rev. Jackie406-794-9360
PostellElder Cindie513-509-6774
RobsonElder John217-251-9118
SansoucieRev. Dr. Larry Allen513-739-3251; LASansoucie@gmail.com, Larry.Sansoucie@UCHealth.com
SandersElder Lee513-330-2562
SarchetThe Rev. Dawne513-238-3064; sarchetdawne7@gmail.com
Sweets (HR)The Rev. Tom513-706-5140
TesoreroThe Rev. Barbara513-515-4288
ThielElder Steve513-708-0594
TuffElder Pete513-312-2811
WebsterThe Rev. Stanley423-330-9238; pastorstanwebster@gmail.com
Wilson (HR)The Rev. Thomas E.937-393-1642
Zedan (HR)The Rev. Margaret G.920-517-7738; zedanmgr@gmail.com
ZimmermanThe Rev. Dennis859-912-3374, zimmermand1@nku.edu