Racial Equity And Multicultural Justice Forum

Meetings: Last Tuesday of the month @ 5:30 PM


Assist congregations within the Presbytery of Cincinnati, from wherever place on the continuum they are, to move along the continuum of becoming anti-racist, multicultural congregations. (Barndt)


Anti-Racism Statement


  • Bill Bogdan, Chair, RE – Mt. Auburn
  • Rev. Kathy Angi, TE – Winton Hills
  • Rev. Dr. Erwin Goedicke, TE – North
  • Lynn Hailey, RE – Mt. Auburn
  • DawnMarie Hayes, RE – Heritage
  • Rev. Mary Hayes, TE – Venice
  • Rev. Dr. Andrew Hudson, Member, Ft. Thomas
  • Rev. Abby King-Kaiser, TE – Validated
  • Lydia Morgan, RE – Kennedy Heights
  • Darlene Nored, RE – West Cincinnati
  • Rev. Amy Snow, TE – Pleasant Ridge
  • Dr. Jonathan Sparks-Franklin, TE – UKirk
  • Demetrius Springer, RE – Third
  • Rev. Dr. Charles Tinsley, TE – West Cincinnati
  • Presbytery Staff Support, Lisa Allgood
  • Synod Staff Support, Rev. Dr. Chip Hardwick


Short-Term Task Force Mission

Move the needle on racial equity, within and across the Presbytery of Cincinnati, supporting and executing the PC (USA) Matthew 25 principles in dismantling structural racism.

Long-Term Mission (Vision)

The Presbytery of Cincinnati is a significant force across the Cincinnati region in the support of racial justice and dismantling structural racism.

Personal Testimony