DawnMarie earned her MA in Education from the University of Cincinnati. She also holds a BA in English and Philosophy.

She has enjoyed many volunteer positions in the presbytery and synod prior to her call as the Presbytery Director of Operations. DawnMarie even served as the Synod Mobile Health Fair Coordinator during the Synod’s transition from Columbus to Toledo, not to mention a member of the transition team itself.

DawnMarie enjoys working as a contract editor and proofreader when she is not supporting the Presbytery. She enjoys hikes with her Standard Poodles Peanut and Poe, reading, painting, photography and writing clubs, and her legendary Bonfire Fridays.

She has two children. Her oldest, Frankie (you all may know her as Mary), is the Pastor at Venice Presbyterian Church. Her youngest, Jack, has just finished is Master’s degree with the United States Air Force and is heading to Columbus, Mississippi with his wife for pilot training.

DawnMarie Hayes (she/her/hers)

Director of Operations