Our Officers and Staff

With love for Christ Jesus, serving for the greater good.

Officers 2024


Chair of Council: Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Yebuah, TE – Sunrise

Vice Moderator of Council: Rev. Dr. Deb Uchtman, TE – Bethel Murdoch

Moderator of Council: Reggie Roberts, RE – Third

President of Trustees: Steve Grant, Wyoming

Treasurer: Bill Maney, RE – Crestview

Executive Presbyter: Lisa Allgood, CP

Stated Clerk: Rev. Sharon Carter

Director of Center for Learning: Sheryl Helsinger

Director of PresbyLab: Rev. Shawn Barkley

EAC Coordinator: BarbaraJean Havens

Director of NWC/UKirk: Dr. Jonathan Sparks-Franklin

Director of Operations: Bud Babcock