Committee On Ministry (COM)

Meeting: 1st Wednesday of the Month, 6PM by Zoom


To serve as pastor and counselor to teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders, and certified Christian educators of the Presbytery;

to facilitate the relations between the Presbytery and its congregations, teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders, and certified Christian educators;

and to settle differences on behalf of the Presbytery when possible and expedient.


Regional Committee on Ministry Liaisons


Committee Chair – Stacey Midge

Staff Resource – Lisa Allgood, Executive Presbyter

Class of 2021

  • Sharon Carter, TE – Community of Faith
  • Tim McQuade, TE – Sycamore
  • John Robson, RE – Dayton First
  • Larry Lewis, RE – Madeira-Silverwood
  • Pete Tuff, RE – Mt. Auburn
  • Vacant (x3), TE -2; RE -1

Class of 2022

  • Mike Brewer, TE – Blue Ash
  • Mike Brazelle, TE – Mowrystown
  • Laura Hoyer, RE – Loveland
  • Brad Sheppard, TE – Immanuel
  • Holly Robertson-Taylor, TE – Dayton
  • Reggie Roberts, RE – Third
  • Vacant (x2), RE – 2

Class of 2023

  • Jim Brazell, TE – Honorably Retired
  • Dan Johnson, RE – Providence
  • Trent Holden, TE – Validated Ministry
  • Tim Sakelos, CRE – Calvary
  • Vacant (x3), TE – 2; RE – 2


Committee on Ministry shall have the authority

  • to appoint commissions for installations and ordinations approved by the presbytery, validate ministry, (G-3.0306)
  • for reception and oversight of minister of the Word and Sacrament members, approval of calls for pastoral services and invitations for temporary pastoral services,
  • oversight of congregations without pastors, dissolution of relationships, dismissal of members, and its close relationship with both member congregations and ministers of the Word and Sacrament.
  • All actions carried out as a result of delegated authority must be reported to the presbytery at its next regular meeting. (G-3.0307)