Join members of the Presbytery REMJN as we explore the three aspects of the Matthew 25 Initiative (Race, Poverty and Church Revitalization) through the Lens of Harper Lee’s Classic Novel, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Starting Wednesday September 7th journey back to Maycomb, Alabama with your friends from the Presbytery. We will revisit Atticus, Miss Maudie, Scout, Calpurnia and other beloved characters as we reflect on God’s work in our world, in scripture, in literature, and in our lives.

Each week a member of the REMJN will focus on a short section of the book as we reflect on its importance and influence in one of the three focuses of Matthew 25 tying it to scripture.

Wednesdays, Noon – 1:00pm from September 7th thru October 12th. Meet us on Zoom or in person at the Presbytery office (217 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming, OH 45215). Registration Strongly Encouraged. Please do so below.


DateREMJN LeaderCharacter FocusMatthew 25 FocusSection of BookPagesScripture
9/7/22Erwin GoedickeAtticusRacial JusticeMeeting the Lynch Mob with the Newspaper107-110Ephesians 6:10-12
9/14/22Bill BogdanGreat DepressionPovertyThe Christian Ethic of Financial Responsibility139-141Luke 3:11, Mark 12:41-43
9/21/22DawnMarie HayesTom RobinsonRacial JusticeHow compassion can overcome our differences157-159Galatians 3:28
9/28/22Sheryl HelsingerMissionary TeaChurch RevitalizationDressed above Reproach: When Fitting in Leaves Grace Out123-126Matt 23:25, 28
10/5/22Karen StineMiss Maudie’s AzaleasChurch RevitalizationOur Responsibility to Care for Creation81-85Numbers 35:33-34, Psalm 104:13-15
10/12/22Amy SnowWalter CunninghamPovertyDrowning his Dinner in Syrup: Respecting the Differences of Others44-461 Tim 6:7-10; Proverbs 22:7

We suggest you read, or re-familiarize yourself with Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird prior to the first study (9/7).