I’m confused… eat chocolate on February 14, or fast?  

 We love because he first loved us.                                                                   – 1 John 4:19

A male friend has decided that God would probably think it’s sacrilegious to start Lent by celebrating Valentine’s, so he’s going to play it safe and give Valentine’s Day up this year. Not sure how that’s going to go over with his wife, however…

I do think there’s some synergy with the events (which has nothing to do with St. Valentine).  Because as pilgrims on His journey, we must honestly, every day, every prayer, admit before God, ‘You are God and I am not. You are God and I am a sinful human being. I do not understand Your ways. I do not know if what I am doing pleases You. But You are faithful, and I put all my trust in You. And I love You.’

If we are not honest with God as to where we stand, we can’t love Him particularly well.  We frail feeble fragile fearful humans are capable of love only because God first loved us.   

I’ve never made a practice of giving something up for Lent – but rather, have always taken something extra on.  An extra devotion. An extra way to give my time. Extra prayer and meditation time. 

This year, after an interesting – well, let’s just call it surprising – start to the year, I plan on focusing every day of Lent on how God pursues me, and how I can best love Him by loving others to honor that.  This Lent is my Lent of moving forward with love while I wait.

And then, of course, Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year.  Let’s just say Death was fooled on Easter and go with that…

Blessed Lent, my friends.  May your waiting time be suffused with love and hope.