August 13, 2022 Presbytery Gathering

Hosted by

Sycamore Presbyterian Church

11800 Mason Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249

Morning Session 9:00am to 11:45pm

Afternoon workshops 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Workshop Information

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Workshop A

Intergenerational Ministry

Intergenerational ministry is the prayerful, intentional, invitational creation of worship and events for multiple generations, bringing together families to promote the faith and spiritual development of all ages.  Come join us as we explore what has been done at the Presbyterian Church of Wyoming and some new ideas springing from the collaboration of Kids4Peace and the Third Way Peace Fellowship.

Facilitators: Adam Hayden, Kids4Peace and Dr. Jonathan Sparks-Franklin, Presbytery of Cincinnati UKirk and Third Way Peace Fellowship

Workshop B

For Pastors and Preachers Only: Aging and Spirituality

“What does faithfulness look like as we get older?” is the question that drove my DMin project on Aging and Spirituality.  We serve aging congregations in a changing church context.  This workshop will explore how we, as pastors, walk with our congregations as they face elements of aging, their relationship to God and to the church, and the societal elements that inform the unique place we find ourselves in American Christian history.

Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Jeff Colarossi

Workshop C

Pack ~ Prayer ~ Learn: Transforming Lives Through the Power of Stories

Through discussion and activity we continue to learn and grow together increasing our understanding and collaborating on next steps for partnering in actions toward improving social justice knowledge and issues in our communities. As we connect and share we will work together, living into Matthew 25, putting together backpacks filled with school supplies for our Eastern Area communities addressing the poverty component of being a Matthew 25 presbytery. Want to help? We need school supplies: donate here

Facilitators: Racial Equity and Multi-Cultural Justice Network Team

Registration for the Gathering

Registration Deadline is August 2nd to ensure you receive lunch.