Presbytery Gathering

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Northminster Church

703 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Morning Session 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Afternoon workshops 1:00 pm to  3:00 pm

Registration for the Gathering & Workshops

(Workshop Descriptions Below)

Registration Deadline is February 12th to ensure you receive lunch.

Workshop A

For Pastors and Preachers Only:

Burnout Recovery: Unlocking the Stress Cycle – Skills and Conversations

Burnout Recovery: Unlocking the Stress Cycle – Skills and Conversations (Pastors only)

The key to recovering from burnout is to unlock the stress cycle. Learn how to do just that! We’ll explore what burnout feels and looks like in a pastoral setting. You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of where you are on the burnout scale, as well as skills and tools to use to clear the stress, and a plan to unlock your personal stress cycle going forward.

Facilitated by Diane Kinsella, MA, ACC, Coach & SuccessQuest Founder; CEO of Journey to Hope

Facilitators: Diane Kinsella

Workshop B

Mental Health and the Church

Mental Health and the Church

Conversations around faith and mental health tend to stay in their own lanes; often parallel tracks of dialogue that have historically been antithetical and avoided. However, we know that faith leaders are often at the front lines when it comes to recognizing signs, symptoms and needs of the people we that we care for. In this talk, we will identify current mental health trends, as we take a close look at the intersectionality between faith and mental health. We will also identify practical ways to offer support for others, while also tending to our own mental health and wellness.

Facilitated by Jamie Baxter, Director of Counseling Services, Xavier University

Facilitator: Jamie Baxter

Workshop C

Communication Strategies to share your churches vision for Christ, followed by a Wild West Q&A about all things Tech

Communication strategies to share your churches vision for Christ, followed by a Wild West Q&A about all things Tech

Join our trio of gurus on ideas, tips, and technologies that can help you engage, with your visitors and congregation, whether in person or online, and how to turn them into active participating congregants. For churches of all sizes!

Don’t miss this conversation with Peggy Friedhoff (Crestview), Michael Steel (Northminster), and Peter Teremi (Lakeside).

Facilitators: Peggy Friedhoff, Michael Steel, and Peter Teremi

Workshop D

Pursuing Earth Care: a Role for Churches

Pursuing Earth Care: a Role for Churches

A decade ago, Mt. Auburn embarked on a path toward sustainability guided by the ideals and practices of our Christian faith. It’s been a bumpy, uplifting journey! Come hear our stories and share your own struggles and aspirations at this workshop combining brief, seminal presentations with open, moderated conversation.


Kathy Downey, MD. Moderator. Retired physician and educator, experienced with medical missions in Central and North America.

Bill Stiver, MAPC Deacon, naturalist and avid birder, recycling guru.

Judy Lindblad, Mother, Grandmother, long-time volunteer with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, former member of MAPC education staff and Session, active in Faith Communities Go Green.

Yana Keck, Sociologist teaching at Mt. Saint Joseph, MAPC Elder (Worship Committee, Earth Care team).

John Hancock. UC Professor Emeritus (Architecture), MAPC Operations Committee and carbon neutrality guru

Facilitator Panelists: Kathy Downey, Bill Stiver, Judy Lindblad, Yana Keck, and John Hancock