Lakeside Presbyterian Church is our host!

2690 Dixie Hwy, Lakeside Park, KY 41017



Inter-Congregational Matthew 25 Networking and North Star Program Workshop

Join the Racial Equity and Multicultural Justice Network for… YOU GOT IT… NETWORKING! But not the kind of networking that makes you want to hide along the wall. Instead, we propose actual fun and relationship!

Full Description of Our Time Together

Hosts: Abby King-Kaiser (TE), Amy Snow (TE), and Bill Bogdan (RE) – all love hospitality as a spiritual gift!

Dinner Boxed Meal Choices


(All sandwiches are served with Creamy Broccoli and Raisin Salad)

  • Our Signature Chicken Salad – boneless breast of chicken, celery, toasted almonds, red grapes\, and dried apricots combined in a light mayonnaise/sour cream dressing
  • Californian – lean turkey breast, avacado, and flavorful microgreens with a light dill sauce served on baguette
  • Vegetarian Roll-up – tangy herbed cream cheese, fresh seasonal vegetables, and black olives wrapped inside a fresh flour tortilla shell
  • Tuna Pita Pocket – white albacore tuna, peas, diced red peper, fresh dill, and organic pea shoots make this one a perennial winner!

Salad Choice

(served with a roll)

  • Tropical Chicken Salad – diced grilled chicken breast basted in raspberry salsa, fresh seasonal fruit, and toasted almonds drizzled with our homemade poppyseed dressing and served on a bed of fresh greens

Register for the Gathering, Workshop, and Dinner Boxed Meal Here!

Registration Deadline is May 3rd! This ensures we order enough food and have childcare available. Thank you!