Who We Are

Our Mission Statement . . .


 “Connecting and equipping congregations to bear witness to the overwhelming hope, audacious joy, and contagious love of Jesus Christ.”

Who We Are

The Presbytery of Cincinnati seeks to fulfill our mission by implementing the three “R’s” of our work to serve our congregations, leaders, and minister members of the Presbytery, driving us all to the fourth “R” – Relevance, of both the Presbytery and our congregations, to our communities and to the Kingdom!

We are a Relational Catalyst. 

  • We connect congregations to each other where there are common mission passions, justice passions, and regional needs, all in the service of our Lord. 
  • We connect people to denominational and local resources, bring in new ideas to drive deeper relationships across the Presbytery, and co-discover our common heritage in Christ Jesus. 
  • We create and connect teams and workers whose common passion brings the people and congregations of the Presbytery closer together and closer to God.

We are a Resource

  • Through our Center for Learning, we equip our congregations, leaders, and ministers to bring more to their work – more passion, more ideas, more heart for each other and for the Lord. 
  • The Center for Learning works to identify, develop, and implement training, development, and educational material from outside organizations and academic institutions, from within the PC(USA), from within the Presbytery, and from our Matthew 25 affiliation, to equip our leaders and ministers with the best tools, ideas, and excitement we can find.

We are the Regulatory body as necessary to ensure the constitution of the PC(USA) is upheld. 

  • The Book of Order (F-1.0401) notes “…In the power of the Spirit, Jesus Christ draws worshiping community and individual believers into the sovereign activity of the triune God at all times and places. 
  • As the Church seeks reform and fresh direction, it looks to Jesus Christ who goes ahead of us and calls us to follow him.
  • United with Christ in the power of the Spirit, the Church seeks “. . . not to be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of minds, so that we may discern what is the will of God – what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Rom. 12:2).

Our Commitment

  • Place Christ at the center of our communal life, returning to the promised presence of Jesus at the font, at the Table, in the Word.
  • Support and nurture strong, vibrant congregations that are centers of hope in the midst of every community.
  • Share our gifts and the Gospel with all our neighbors and the neighborhoods, in which we live and serve.
  • Raise up and equip leaders in the Presbytery who work towards the common goal of creating and nurturing increasingly proactive, intentional, relational and missional communities.
  • Rooted in Matthew 25 and the needs of our communities, encourage generous mission works prioritizing evangelism and justice locally and throughout the world, that the presence of Christ is made known

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