Meet Our Council

Members 2023


Executive Presbyter: Lisa Allgood, RE – Covenant First

Stated Clerk: Erwin Goedicke, TE – HR

Members 2023

Voice and Vote

Chair of Council: Carol Buckhout, RE – Crescent Springs

Moderator of Presbytery: Ebenezer Yebuah, TE – Kennedy Heights

Vice Moderator of Presbytery: Reggie Roberts, RE – Third

Treasurer: Bill Maney, RE – Crestview

Chair of COM: Brad Sheppard, TE – Immanuel

Chair of CPM: Tyler Pettigrew, TE – West Chester

Chair of Personnel: Linda McClanahan, TE – HR

President of the Trustees: Steve Grant, RE – Wyoming

Co – Chairs of PYC: Tracie Long – Crestview & Patty Schnetzer – Heritage

Chair of COR: Pete Tuff, RE – Immanuel

Class of 2024 At-Large

Abby King-Kaiser, TE Validated (2)

Barbara Jean Havens, CP (1)

Class of 2023 At-Large

Jeff Lang, TE – Glendale (2)

Robert Sullivan, RE – West Cincinnati (2)