Presbytery Gathering

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Presbyterian Church of Wyoming

225 Wyoming Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Morning Meeting & Worship 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Lunch Noon

Afternoon workshops 1:00 pm to  3:00 pm

Registration for the Gathering & Workshops

(Workshop Descriptions Below)

Registration Deadline is August 2nd to ensure you receive lunch.

Workshop A

For Pastors

A Listening Session

The Presbytery of Cincinnati and the Center for Learning want to hear from you, pastors and preachers!  We’re in the process of re-designing the last two years of our Lilly Grant for the Center.  What training do you long for?  What tools can we offer? What would help refresh your ministry, your work with your leaders, your work with your congregation – and you specifically?  How can we be the best disciples together we can possibly be?

This listening session offers you the chance to feedback to us, to help us understand your context and your needs, and to help us design the best Center possible.


Lisa Allgood, Sheryl Helsinger, Rev. Shawn Barkley

Lisa, Sheryl, and Shawn have all been guiding and participating in the Presbytery’s Living Church’s Initiative.

Workshop B

For Everyone

Trauma Informed Care

More than ever, church leaders need prayerful, inner-and-group awareness skills to navigate the hidden aspects of our work. This contemplative, trauma-informed stance plays a crucial role in creating spiritual space for inner and interpersonal transformation. Freedom from fight-flight responses in ourselves and groups requires skillful navigation without succumbing to fear or projections. Dr. James Finley, psychotherapist who studied with Thomas Merton, states, “trauma is not just what was done to me, but what what was done to me did to me” which is to say, it is shame held in our minds and bodies.

Pastors and parishioners alike encounter the ricocheting effects of these losses and boundary violations. Mental health awareness entails self-leadership, the ability to embrace dissent, and the courage to guide congregations toward new possibilities together.

This 2 hour session offers practical tools:

  • personal prayer practices for addressing fight/flight/freeze responses as a leader
  • group facilitation practices for psychological safety and having impossible conversations
  • trauma-informed approaches to teach your congregation for connecting with individuals when overwhelmed by trauma
  • framework that integrates contemplative Christianity and trauma-informed leadership.

Facilitator: Rev. Troy Bronsink

a PC(USA) pastor as well as an executive coach, spiritual director, and consultant, and founder emeritus of The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action. He holds an MDiv from Columbia Theological Seminary, and certificates from the Living School, Internal Family Systems, and International Coaching Federation. Troy has 25+ years of experience in church planting, multistaff churches, and interfaith leadership, and is current stated supply pastor at Pleasant Run Presbyterian. Learn more or contact Troy at

Workshop C

For Ruling Elders

Administering the Lord’s Supper

Did you know that ordained Ruling Elders can be authorized by the Presbytery to lead a service of communion within their home congregations? 

In this interactive workshop we will look at the meaning and practice of the Lord’s Supper, so that you will have the confidence to administer this sacrament, and can be authorized by COM to do so. Open to all ruling elders, and as many as wish to attend from each congregation.


Rev. Erwin Goedicke, stated clerk

Erwin served as pastor at North Presbyterian Church for 34 years, and has had the joy of preaching and sharing the Lord’s Supper at a number of Cincinnati Presbytery congregations.

Workshop D

For Everyone

PDA Trips

Interested in being a part of a Presbytery-wide mission experience?  Come hear what PDA trips are all about from our experts, and hear what we’re planning for the future! Be a part of the Kingdom of God, the Presbytery, and the mission of the church!

Facilitator Panelists:

Rev. Kevin Murphy, Rev. Brad Sheppard, Rev. Amy Snow, and Rev. Chris White

… have all been on or led various PDA mission trips.