Presbytery Gathering

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Union Presbyterian Church

10259 U.S. Highway 42, Union, KY 41091

Morning Meeting & Worship 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Lunch Noon

Afternoon workshops 1:00 pm to  3:00 pm

Registration for the Gathering & Workshops

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Workshop A

For Pastors

Who’s in Your Pews?

In a broad sense, the church-at-large sends a message that only young families or youth are important which pushes older folks into a second-class citizen status.  Yet, many of our churches have a majority of older adults who have heard this message and taken it to heart.  When asked to participate in the life of the church, the answer is often, “We have nothing left to give that anyone wants.”  What if you could potentially change that attitude and start a fire burning for God in the people who have been the most faithful?

Join Rev. Dr. Deborah Uchtman for a conversation about how that might happen in your church.


Deb is pastor of Bethel-Murdoch Presbyterian Church, our presbytery vice-moderator, and former moderator of the Synod of the Covenant.

Workshop B

For Everyone

Mission Possible: Innovative Ideation

Would you like to learn how to do design thinking for innovation in less than 2 hours? Generate creativity and help people think outside of the box to get you to new ways of doing and being church and mission? Learn how to use whatever resources you have rather than focus on what is missing or lacking? Create bonding and team building while playing a dynamic game?

Join us on Mission Possible: a fun approach to take you through an overview of the design thinking process from big problems to creative use of resources to innovative solutions, all in less than 2 hours. While you’re having a great time, you’ll walk away with a much deeper understanding of how to address problems creatively. What takes months to learn in a classroom or workshop can be learned through playing a game. Used by corporations such as Target, churches, educational institutions, youth groups, nonprofit organizations, and countless others. It is fun. And it works!  

Join Lisa Allgood, and Shawn Barkley as we lead you on the journey!


Before serving as our executive presbyter, Lisa was a researcher and executive in the pharmaceutical industry. Shawn served as pastor of Crestview Presbyterian Church and on the advisory board of the Presbytery’s Center for Learning.

Workshop C

For Everyone

Dealing with the Old Testament

Most of us have memories of great stories that come out of the Old Testament, like Daniel in the Lions’ Den and David Battling Goliath. But how does this all fit together? How are we to use this information? Why would we want to preach on Jewish History when we are uncertain of its reality? In answering those questions and several others, you will leave the classroom with a Framework for our entire Bible, a desire to let the Old Testament live in its own culture, and an understanding of writing during the periods of Old Testament authors.

Join Rev. Rhoda Brumfield (HR), on this overview of the Old Testament.


Rev. Rhoda Brumfield has been teaching this course since 2006 after taking the Historical Geography Class at Jerusalem University College in 2005, adding to the class information over the last nearly twenty years.

Workshop D

For Everyone

Mentoring Programs for Youth: Building Friendships, Changing Lives

Have you ever prayerfully thought of being a mentor or starting a mentoring ministry at your church? Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, and we love to pour into them! Join us for a discussion of mentoring programs, tips and tricks, and tools so that we are preparing our youth for a life of service and impact.

Join presbytery moderator Elder Reggie Roberts on this journey.


Reggie is an elder at Third Presbyterian Church in East Westwood, where the ministry focus for years has been on mentoring neighborhood youth.